"Words are loneliness"

Sean Penn with Edhi. 2012, Karachi, Pakistan.

Sean Penn with Edhi. 2012, Karachi, Pakistan.

Yes you love me,

but like a vulture

loves the carcass

it picks over.

One Of My All Time Favourite Qawali…….
Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan

Ho Javey Jay Peyar …. Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Two of India’s most iconic singers come together for the first time in a recreation of the classic Sufi track - Duma Dum Mast Kalander.

Singers: Mika Singh, Yo-Yo Honey Singh
Label: Times Music
Mixing & Mastering: Vinod Verma

Download on iTunes - http://bit.ly/1gyuodu

a star
a tree
and the longing in between

Gabriel Rosenstock

Today’s breaking news-Pakistan

The anti-terrorist court in Lahore has ordered the police to present the “danda” of Gullu Butt in court on October 14, 2014.
It is not clear why the court needs a “Danda.” Is it a firearm? Does the court want to ascertain its hardness, length, breadth, weight, calibration, firepower?
Anyway this is what our courts are doing.

Mumtaz Bhutto has left PML (N) and joining PTI while Javed Hashmi has left PTI and is joining PML(N).And it is nothing but personal cost-benefit analysis.
Anyway this is what our politicians are doing.

The Tehreek-e-Ahle-Sunnat held a dharna at Guru mandir Karachi.PTI is holding one at D chowk and PAT at constitution avenue. These dharnas have played havoc with our economy and the lives of ordinary citizens. Anyway some of our countrymen are holding dharnas and the rest are watching them on TV.
Anyway this is what our masses are doing.

Four incidents of terrorism have taken place in Quetta today killing six and injuring twelve. Terrorism is now an existential threat to our country while our “decision makers” are more interested in foreign lands.
Anyway this is what our security establishment is doing.

The Prime Minister went to Wazirabad today to distribute goods among the flood affectees. Since the CM Punjab was also there the PM could have spent the same time in a productive way but it was a good photo opportunity. 
Anyway this is what our present government is doing.

Clad in starched white shalwar kameez having a national flag badge on it, and carrying a tasbeeh in his hand, Gullu Butt the gangster appeared in a Lahore court today in a white dazzling car.
Anyway almost every Gullu Butt in this country appears like that.

#Bukowski #CharlesBukowski

#Bukowski #CharlesBukowski

چلنے کا حوصلہ نہیں، رُکنا محال کر دیا
عشق کے اس سفر نے تو مُجھ کو نڈھال کر دیا

ملتے ھوئے دلوں کے بیچ اور تھا فیصلہ کوئی
اُس نے مگر بچھڑتے وقت کوئی اور سوال کر دیا

اے میری گُل زمیں تُجھے چاہ تھی اک کتاب کی
اہل کتاب نے مگر، کیا تیرا حال کر دیا

ممکنہ فیصلوں میں اک حجر کا فیصلہ بھی تھا
ہم نے تو ایک بات کی، اُس نے کمال کر دیا

میرے لبوں پہ مُہر تھی پر میرے شیشہ رو نے تو
شہر کے شہر کو میرا واقف حال کر دیا

چہرہ و نام ایک ساتھ آج نہ یاد آ سکے
وقت نے کس شبیہہ کو، خواب و خیال کر دیا

پروین شاکر

Happiness in love is proof that time can accommodate eternity.

 Alain Badiou, In Praise of Love (via surbeat)